Updates to discoverE: November 28 to 30

Updates to discoverE: November 28 to 30

DiscoverE will be updated over the Thanksgiving break.  The process will start at 5 p.m. Friday, November 28 and finish Sunday, November 30.

What to Expect

While discoverE will remain functional during most of the process, please expect brief downtimes between 6 pm and 9 pm Friday, November 28.  You may also notice occasional inconsistencies in the web interface and in search results as we introduce new features between November 28 and November 30.

Throughout the process, we will post updates to discoverE and to our team site:


Enhancements and Improvements

More than just ‘bug fixes,’ the update introduces many new features and improvements, including

Improvements from Ex Libris, our system vendor:

  • Virtual browse: A new tab in the record view lets you browse items with subject-classified call numbers around the parent item.
  • Permalinks:  The Permalink option under an item’s Action menu provides a permanent URL for an item.
  • Citation:  The Citation link under an item’s Action menu lets you copy a citation for an item in APA, MLA or Chicago style.
  • Improved search: Changes to indexing have improved known item search, search for terms containing punctuation, diacritics and special characters, and relevance ranking.

Improvements from Library Core Systems:

  • Newly Acquired: A Newly Acquired facet under Refine Search Results > Show Only lets you limit your results to items recently acquired by the library.
  • Full View: A Full View link under the item Links menu lets you access complete bibliographic information from the source metadata. (There’s also a Staff View link showing the full MARC data in MarcEdit format.)
  • Sort Date-newest, Date-oldest: New sort options let you sort results by oldest or newest first.
  • QR Code: A QR Code link under an item’s Action menu lets you use your smartphone to easily capture an item’s title, call number and location.
  • Send to Phone: A Send to Phone link under an item’s Action menu lets you easily text item title, call number and location information.
  • Separate Rare Book Records: MARBL rare book records no longer combine with other records, making it easier to find notes associated with special copies.

And changes from earlier this year we would like to emphasize:

  • Browse search by title, by author, and by subject now include cross-references for variant terms.

Future posts will explore the improvements in more detail.  Until then, we hope you like them, and please report any problems to coreserviceshelp [at] emory [dot] edu.

The Core Systems Team