Find companies with US and Global locations using new features in Uniworld

Do you have work authorization in countries other than the US and wish to work in the US? Are you looking to work internationally and have US work authorization? Uniworld will let you build target lists of firms with headquarters, regional offices, and other locations in multiple countries.

Their recently added new search features allow you to customize your new search criteria. 

This includes many new industry descriptions in the company records. For example, Public Relations and Communications Services,” “Logistics & Supply Chain” and “Information Technology & Services.” Uniworld now also links out to the company’s Career page to let you browse job postings directly.  You can also search multiple companies at once, separated by comma, for example, “Johnson & Johnson”, “3M”, “Leybold GMBH.”

When selecting countries, Uniworld will prompt you to filter further by state or providence to narrow your results. You can then save a link to your search to return to the results later.  As before, you can also download your results to excel to iterate your list further.