New for GBS Alumni: GlobalData Disruptor

Thanks to the contribution of class gifts, the Goizueta Business Library is able to provide all Goizueta Business School alumni free remote access to GlobalData Disruptor.

GlobalData Disruptor focuses on disruptive technologies that are going to affect companies and industries 3-5 years from now. This includes case studies and analysis on  technology focused innovations such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, connected devices and IoT, digital business, robotics and drones, security tech, and more.

It also covers  technology companies and deal transactions and analysis (private equity, venture financing, equity, and debt offerings,  M&A and more).

For more insight on GlobalData Disruptor, read our earlier blog Decoding Disruptive Innovation, featuring a Q&A with our GlobalData rep.

To get started searching, passwords for GlobalData Disruptor are available for GBS alumni  in Yammer  or by request using this form.