GlobalData Medical Devices: Digital Health Sector Recently Added

GlobalData’s Medical Devices database has recently added the Digital Health sector. This sector offers deep coverage of Digital Therapeutics, EHR, Telehealth, Wearables, Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), Health Decision Provider Support, Medical Imaging Information Systems, and Regulatory Approved Apps.

Coverage includes pipeline and commercialized products and clinical studies, and is global in scope, including the US, Europe, Japan, China, and Australia.

Why Use GlobalData Medical Devices?
Gain a comprehensive understanding of the digital health market by accessing market data, information on products in development and those already commercialized, details on clinical trials, and expert analysis. These valuable datasets will help you to identify emerging trends, assess the competitive landscape, stay informed about new developments, monitor investments, and track regulatory events worldwide.

We recently added GD Medical Devices’ Thematic Intelligence content, powerful insights for understanding and anticipating crucial issues and threats on this space. Learn more about it in this blog.