Having trouble logging into WSJ.com? It may be time to re-activate your account!

To ensure that folks using WSJ.com with an Emory issued email are, in fact, still current students, staff, or faculty of Goizueta Business School, WSJ requires users to re-activate accounts every 90 days. If you try to login to WSJ, and it’s acting like you don’t have a subscription, it may be time to re-activate! Follow these simple steps to resume access to your account:

1) Go to the Goizueta Business Library database page for the WSJ.

2) Click on the “On-Campus Access” OR “Off-Campus Access” link (whichever is appropriate for your location at the time.)

3) Once you input your Emory ID and password, you will be directed to our Business Library Databases Password List. Look for Wall Street Journal/WSJ.com and click on the link provided.

4) By clicking on that link, you are re-activating your account, and it should log you right into the WSJ.com site without any problems. Contact gbsaskalibrarian [at] emory [dot] edu if you experience something different.

You’ll have to take these steps every 90 days, so bookmark the post as a reminder!

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