It’s not your father’s catalog

Discovere has just become a whole lot friendlier and effective. Try out some of its newest search features:

  • Newly Acquired: A Newly Acquired facet under Refine Search Results, Show Only lets you limit your results to items acquired by the library within the last 60 days.
  • Virtual browse: A new tab in the record view lets you browse the physical shelves, via book jackets, as if you were in the library’s stacks.
  • Sort Date-newestDate-oldest: New sort options let you sort results by newest or oldest first.
  • Citation Search. Primo recognizes when citations you copy/paste citations into the search box.
  • Auto-Complete.  The search box now has auto-complete function, e.g., typing “bus” will      cause a pop-up to appear with options like “business,” “business management,” etc.
  • Send to Phone: A Send to Phone link under an item’s Actionmenu lets you easily text an item’s title, location and call number to your mobile device.
  • QR Code: A QR Code link under an item’s Action menu lets you easily capture an item’s title, location and call number on your mobile device.
  • Citation: The Citation link under an item’s Action menu lets you copy a citation for an item in APA, MLA or Chicago style.
  • Full View: A Full View link under the item Links menu lets you access complete bibliographic information.

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