My faculty is requiring me to use JMP and Palisade for class assignments. Do I have access to these in the Business Library? Can I download them to my laptop and work from home?

This is a great question. First, a little context: In almost all cases, either the faculty or GBS IT negotiate a set number of licenses for use by the students for class assignments. Options such as  downloading the software onto your laptop, shared licenses, (e.g. can access be shared via installation on computers or must it be tied to an individual user)  and cost allocations are mostly driven by restrictions imposed by the vendor, and these restrictions may at times be in conflict with the free, open access expected by the students.

Availability in the Goizueta Business Library

Tableau 9.1 – installed on all pcs

JMP 12 – installed on all pcs

Palisade Decision Tools 7 – installed on 2 pcs, Mumbai and Bangkok

Availability in the GBS Computer Lab (installed on all computers)

Tableau 9.3

JMP 12

Palisade Decision Tools 7

Morningstar Direct Other class-specific software per faculty arrangements

Availability to download and access via personal computers

JMP 12 – go to Emory Express Software; click on the link to software express/tech tools.  JMP is listed alphabetically as SASJMP; available at no charge.

Tableau – go to Tableau for Students; as a student you have free access; this is the same version/functionality available via the Goizueta Business Library and GBS Computer Lap computers.


If you have any questions about access in the Goizueta Business Library, send an email to GBSAskalibrarian [at] emory [dot] edu.

For questions about access within the GBS Computer Lab, email GBSITHelp [at] emory [dot] edu.