More Group Study Spaces in the Goizueta Business Library

This summer we add an additional group study area in the business library. Located at the back, right corner of the library, next to Bloomberg Terminal 1, there is comfortable seating for up to 8 students, and a 65” digital monitor using Solstice technology. Using WiFi, Solstice allows an unlimited number of students to project images on their devices (laptops and any mobile devices) onto the monitor. If a member of your team is not able to join you in the library, they can VPN in and share their images as well. This group study area is available first come, first serve, with priority given to students working as a team and wanting to use the digital monitor.

How many group study areas are now available in GBL? 

Glad you asked!  There are a total of five:

Room 204 has 2 spaces that can be reserved

  • 1 Round table with digital monitor
  • 1 Square table with two digital monitors, one with Solstice and one requiring an HTML cable

GBL public space has 3 spaces available first come, first serve

  • 2 square tables with digital monitors with Solstice
  • 1 soft seating area with digital monitor requiring an HTML cable