Navigating the Goizueta Business Library, Summer 2021

Update: Summer Changes in Woodruff Library Building Access

While the summer may look a little different than in past years, one thing that hasn’t changed is that the Goizueta Business Librarians are available and excited to support all new and returning students in the Goizueta Business School community. 

Our services have evolved and adapted to better suit your needs for the summer and details about these changes can be found in the list of questions and answers below. We will keep this form updated to reflect the most current information, but if you have a question that isn’t answered here, please feel free to reach out at gbsaskalibrarian [at] emory [dot] edu. We look forward to working with you in this and future semesters!

Will I be able to schedule a consultation with a business librarian for me or my team? 

Yes, just send an email to gbsaskalibrarian [at] emory [dot] edu or fill out this form. Include 2-3 possible dates/times and a librarian will get back to you shortly to confirm the consultation and set up a meeting.

Can I schedule a consultation in the evening or over the weekend?

Yes, we have a wide selection of hours to choose from. We will also make every effort to accommodate different class schedules and time zones.

I have a quick question for a librarian. Can I pop in via Zoom for help?

Yes, for brief questions, we can schedule a virtual “pop-in” via Zoom as schedules permit. Just email us at gbsaskalibrarian [at] emory [dot] edu or fill out this form. 

Will I be able to come into the Goizueta Business Library to study or use a computer?

Yes, but the capacity will be reduced significantly. Everything has been spaced out per Emory’s social distancing requirements in order to ensure a safe environment. 

  • 21 Total Seats
    • 12 Computers
    • 9 Study Tables (each allows for 1 person/seat)

Can I reserve a group study room in the Goizueta Business Library?

Unfortunately, due to the need to practice safe social distancing, enclosed group study rooms in GBL and throughout the Woodruff Library Building will be closed for the summer.

Is there technology in the business library to enable us to conduct hybrid team work?

Yes, there are 2 tables in the business library with large digital monitors that have the Solstice application. While each table is currently limited to 1 person, utilizing Solstice technology allows an unlimited number of people to project images from their devices (laptops and any mobile devices) onto the monitor. Students on your team working remotely can VPN in and share their screens.

Will the library’s computers and tables be safe to touch?

There will be cleaning supplies readily accessible throughout the library. In addition to wearing your mask at all times, we ask that students wipe down keyboards, mouse, and table surfaces before and after use. 

What hours will the Goizueta Business Library be open?

The Goizueta Business Library is located inside the Woodruff Library Building and shares the same hours. Just a 2 minute walk down the hill from the business school, GBL is located on the main level to the left after you walk past the security desk.

What will I need to show to enter the Woodruff Library Building?

What other services are available for me to use in the Woodruff Library Building?

There are many services available to you. You can learn about all of them on the FAQ for the Woodruff Library Services.

Can I use printers and scanners in the library?


Can I eat/drink in the library?

No. In order to minimize the amount of time face covering would be removed, no food or beverages (other than water bottles) are permitted.

Will Bloomberg be available remotely?

Bloomberg terminals will be accessible remotely through June 30. Starting July 1, 2021, remote Bloomberg terminal access will no longer be available; all terminals at GBL and GBS will revert to in-person access only. 

Read this document for the steps to register for a remote username/password and access Bloomberg. NOTE: You must reserve a time slot to remote into Bloomberg; schedule your Bloomberg session here.

Can I use the Bloomberg terminal when I’m on campus?

Currently, there are 4 Bloomberg terminals in GBS that you can use when on-campus. The 2 Bloomberg terminals in the Goizueta Business Library are only accessible remotely, but not for use in-person. Starting July 1, 2021, remote Bloomberg terminal access will no longer be available; all terminals at GBL and GBS will revert to in-person access only. 

Locations of Bloomberg Terminals at GBS

Reserve a room.

  • Room 202 – max 4 students
  • Room 233 – max 4 students
  • Room 302 – max 4 students
  • Room 333 – max 4 students

Are there remote alternatives to Bloomberg for conducting financial analysis?

Yes, FactSet and Thomson Reuters EIKON are both financial platforms used on Wall Street and are competitors of Bloomberg. All three include similar public company and financial market data and analysis.


Requires registration which takes 3-5 days for activation; we recommend you register now to avoid access delays. Get registered for FactSet:

  • Use your email to register via GBS SharePoint. All other emails will be rejected.
  • When prompted for your graduation month/year, provide correct information; all data is verified by Emory.
  • Within a week, you will get an email confirming registration/login information.
  • Login at (web access cheat sheet). 

Thomson Reuters EIKON

  • Select Thomson Reuters Eikon – Web Access > Sign In.
  • Pick a User ID/Password from the list in GBS SharePoint; if you get a warning that the ID is already in use, choose a different User ID.
  • When done, always sign out by clicking on the orange HOME icon on upper left corner, then clicking on CLOSE.  See our cheat sheet here.
  • User IDs reset at midnight. Always save your work on your own devices.

Can I take Bloomberg’s BMC (Bloomberg Market Concepts) certification remotely?

Yes, Bloomberg is allowing students to register by June 30, 2021; you have 1 year from the date you register to complete all of the BMC modules remotely. You can find step-by-step instructions in our blog. 

After June 30, you may still complete the Bloomberg BMC, but you will need to do so in person using a Bloomberg terminal.

Will the Business Library’s Reference books be available?

Yes; we ask that students keep their hands clean and wash them after using the books. 

Can I check out books from the Woodruff Library?

Yes. The Woodruff Library stacks tower is open for browsing to currently enrolled students, staff, and faculty who have completed the onboarding process

You can still place staff-mediated request through discoverE. This option is still available and encouraged for currently enrolled students, faculty and staff. Log in to discoverE with your NetID and password to place requests. You will receive an email invitation to schedule a pickup appointment via the Library’s To Go services once materials are available. Alternatively, select Robert W. Woodruff Library Outdoor Lockers as a pick-up location for 24/7 self-service pick-up of requested library materials. Learn more about these services.

Will I have remote access to business ebooks and audiobooks?

An expanded collection of business books and career titles is now available to you in ebook and audiobook format via the Overdrive database and app. All the titles can be easily checked out and downloaded to your mobile device for quick reading and listening. Learn more about the Overdrive collection. Don’t see the title you are looking for? Email gbsaskalibrarian [at] emory [dot] edu about the book and we are glad to explore adding it to the collection.