NEW: Thomson Reuters EIKON Available to GBS Students

Over the winter break, the Goizueta Business Library went live with the Thomson Reuters EIKON platform – a much improved version of Thomson ONE.  A competitor to Bloomberg and FactSet, EIKON is a premium resource for monitoring and analyzing financial data, including market, company and industry fundamental data, deals and private equity transaction data, and more.  Thomson is also the only GBL database containing Wall Street analyst company and industry research reports.

Why migrate to EIKON? EIKON resolves all of the access issues that plagued Thomson ONE.  You can access EIKON remotely using a PC or Apple computer and it currently supports IE 11, Safari and Chrome browsers.  Like FactSet, the web version does not support Excel Add-In – but it will be coming in the future.  However there are two client versions installed in the Goizueta Business Library which do use Excel Add-In functionality.

For all of the reasons that you might have avoided using Thomson ONE over the years (sluggish, not apple-friendly, IE browser only, etc.) – we encourage you to start using EIKON.  It is a very robust platform that presents itself as a strong competitor to Bloomberg and FactSet, and is very likely to pop up at your internship or job.  Get a head start and begin developing your EIKON proficiency now!