Lee Pasackow, business librarian, was the staff lead for the Evening MBA Colloquium to Colombia in March. Along with Professor Ray Hill and 30 students, the group visited companies in Bogota and Medellin for a week. Prior to the trip, students researched the economy, political evolution, economic liberalization, FDI and economic liberalization of the country….

8th Annual Research Challenge

The 8th Annual Research Challenge took place Tuesday. 15 BBAs made recommendations to Ford as to how they could increase their market share in the wake of GM’s recall problems. Read more here.

New Feature in SRDS – Website audience analytics

New Feature in SRDS – Website audience analytics SRDS provides detailed listings and ad rate information for print publications and broadcast channels. In addition it now includes audience analytics and unique visitor (UV) metrics for websites that sell ads. Features include:   20,000+ U.S. websites that sell ads – 4,800+ consumer sites in 80+ standard…

New custom location search option in AtoZdatabases

Choose a custom geographic area to search in AtoZdatabases: Target Company Lists.  AtoZ’s new mapping feature lets you search custom geographic areas in your target state, metro area, or zip code. Many options for customizing your geographic area of interest are available. Choose from: Draw Shape  – draw your own unique shape based on your…

New Features in Hoovers

Hoovers, a database with over 80 million public and private company profiles has added new features: Web Volume and Noteworthy Activity: Graph shows major news events as represented by the volume of news about a company across the last 6 months. On the graph are Management Changes, SEC Filings & News Events plotted against the…