Downloading & Using Pitchbook’s Excel Plugin

With PitchBook’s Excel Plugin for Windows, Office 365 and Mac, harness the depth of PitchBook’s global public and private market data to streamline your workflow, create and update financial models quickly and catalyze confident investment decisions.

NOTE: Pitchbook’s academic license limitations apply when downloading private data; users are limited to export a maximum of 10 records daily and 25 records a month. One record = one row of data in the spreadsheet (may include company, deal fund data, or people data). BUT there is no limit to downloading public data; look for the public company prebuilt Templates.

Registering for Pitchbook Access

Choose “Create an Account” and register using your email.

Downloading the Excel Plugin

From Pitchbook’s home page, on the left, under Workflow, click Plugins & Apps. There are download options for Windows, Mac, and Office 365.

Plugin Users Guides and Video Tutorials

From Pitchbook’s home page, on the left, under Workflow, click Plugins & Apps. There are multiple User Guides and Video Tutorials.

Build Better Financial Models—Faster

PitchBook’s prebuilt templates give you immediate access to investor tear sheets, comparables and valuations. The data piped into Pitchbook’s templates is dynamic, always up-to-date, and variables can be manipulated to evaluate all possible outcomes.

Create Custom Charts

Custom chart functionality allows immediate access to a company’s financial summary, stock price history and price volume, and benchmark performance against broad-based market and market sector indexes. Easily add a layer to track details like frequency, currency and time period.

Easily Update Financial Models

Ensure efficiency and accuracy in your work by utilizing our formula builder to select the specific data you want populated in your models. Download a full list of data points available with PitchBook’s Excel Plugin for Office 365 and Mac.

Save Invaluable Time

Pull saved searches from the PitchBook platform directly into your spreadsheets to get the data you need, where you need it. Refresh models with a single click and spend your time-savings on other important priorities.

Keep Chart and Table Data Updated in PowerPoint Presentations

Integrate accurate and dynamic Excel charts and tables into your presentations with ease using Pitchbook’s PowerPoint plugin. It automatically updates all data inserted from Excel to match any changes made within a workbook. After finalizing edits in Excel, simply refresh all charts and tables in PowerPoint and the most current data will display without any need to manually cut and paste them.

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