Real Estate Modeling Course, new content from Wall Street Oasis


WSO’s newest course licensed for GBS students and alumni includes real estate case studies and modeling tests sourced from interviews, covering fundamental knowledge of real estate modeling practices across different asset types and investment strategies.

This includes video walkthroughs and excel files available for practice.  Content ranges from inputting data from an Offering Memorandum into a pre-built model, and advances to building a development model from scratch, including forecasting cash flow, levered cash flow, and more.  

Current modules available include:

  • Simple Multifamily Underwriting Test
  • Modeling Office Cash Flows Test
  • Multifamily Acquisition Modeling Case
  • Development Modeling Case
  • Office Lease-Up Case
  • NY Office Metrics Case

More content will be added to this course over the next year.

This course builds on the existing content Goizueta Business Library has licensed from WSO, including: 

  • Private Equity Interview Course
  • Behavioral Interview Course
  • Technical Interview Course
  • Make Your Case: Master Consulting Case Interviews
  • Hedge Fund Interview Course
  • Prop Trading Interview Course  

GBS Students may register for access via GBS SharePoint  and GBS Alumni may request access here.


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