Richard K. Miller Market Research Handbooks – Consumer Behavior: Pandemic & Post-Pandemic

Interested in the impact of COVID-19 on consumer behavior? Want to learn more about what habits have changed and which new behaviors have become the norm over the course of the pandemic?  

If so, check out the Richard K. Miller Market Research Handbook titled Consumer Behavior: Pandemic & Post-Pandemic. In it, you can learn all about people’s daily habits and activities during COVID-19, ranging from eating and drinking behaviors to pet adoption to gardening and social activities; as well as post-pandemic lifestyle changes, media usage, and information on consumer market sectors. 

The Richard K. Miller Market Research Handbooks also cover a wide variety of market research topics beyond the scope of the pandemic, such as sports marketing, restaurants, international consumer markets, business-to-business marketing, entertainment, healthcare and more. Each handbook includes sources and data snapshots on market trends, size, forecasts, statistics, and more.