The COVID-19 Health Equity Dashboard: An Emory University and University of Michigan Collaboration

Interested in learning more about how COVID-19 disproportionately impacts some communities over others? A team of researchers from Emory and the University of Michigan have been hard at work developing a dashboard for data related to COVID-19 at the county level that allows for comparisons at the state and national level. 

The COVID-19 Health Equity Dashboard is a dynamic and interactive tool with functionality that, according to its creators, “allows users to quickly compare each county’s COVID-19 cases, deaths, and social characteristics to the state and national average; visualize the relationship between social determinants and COVID-19 outcomes; view a printer-friendly report of detailed county data; and create side-by-side maps comparing key metrics at the county level.”

The dashboard is an ongoing project and the team that developed it is hoping to add even more data regarding health outcomes, policy response, and more as the data becomes available at the county level.