Vault is now FirstHand

Vault and FirstHand have combined and recently launched a rebranded platform.  Key changes you’ll notice:

How to Access FirstHand (formerly Vault):

Registration Required.  Use your Emory email.

Look for an email from explore [at] firsthand [dot] com to confirm your email address. This can take several minutes to process.

FirstHand will send you a follow up email to “complete your profile.” This is not required, and completely optional.

Be aware, FirstHand is pushing a fee-based feature to connect you with FirstHand “advisors.”  Since as a GBS student you already have access to the Business School’s professional career coaches, we do not recommend using FirstHand’s unvetted advisors.

How to Find the Vault Guides and Rankings:

Vault Guides are under “Library.”  Select the library tab on the left of FirstHand, and you’ll see a link for Guides in the top navigation bar.

Vault Rankings are under “Careers.” Select the careers tab on the left, and you’ll see Rankings populate.

Note: a lot of the Vault industries/professions content is still being migrated. These should be online within the next few weeks.

If you have questions or encounter any issues, please Ask a Librarian, and include a screenshot so we can work with our rep to document the issue and resolve it while they continue to make this transition.


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