The Beginning: 10-11 May | Depart Atlanta and arrive in Japan!

The group at Kiyomizudera, a famous Buddhist temple in Kyoto | L-R: Justin, Dr. A, Becky, Kim, Olivia, Akila, Amy, Ayanna, Helen, Dr. M, Charlotte | Credit: McGehee

We have a wonderful group of travelers. Whether experienced in global travel or flying for the very first time in their lives, ours is a steadfast group ready to handle whatever comes.

Before Departure Credit: Adams
Before Departure
Credit: Adams

Ready to Go! Credit: McGehee
Ready to Go!
Credit: McGehee

Case in point: every student not continuing to other international destinations after the trip packed for two weeks in Japan into a single carry-on suitcase. It was a stunning sight to behold. Even if they were forced into it by their trip leaders!

On Arrival Credit: Adams
On Arrival
Credit: Adams

Our flights went very smoothly, as did transfers and customs.

In flight Credit: McGehee
In flight
Credit: McGehee

We had no problems getting our train passes and making our way to our hotel in Kyoto. We all collapsed into bed, safe, sound, and utterly confused about the day and time.

Credit: Kim
Credit: Kim

In the coming days, we’ll have students guest blogging their reflections, in addition to the regular entries!

Student Participants:

  • Becky Henkind, Pierce Scholar assistant leader
  • Charlotte Zhiyi Cheng
  • Amy Kim
  • Ayanna Kosoko
  • Olivia Lowery
  • Kim Reynolds
  • Justin Sia
  • Akila Triggs
  • Helen Zhu
Credit: McGehee
Credit: McGehee

We offer particular thanks to everyone supporting this important project, including (but not limited to!) Rev. Lyn Pace, Dr. David Gowler, Allison McKelvey, Deans Anderson and Bowen, our hosts, guides, and speakers, the Shinnyo-en Foundation, the Oxford College Alumni Board, the Emory Alumni Association, the participating students, their families, and our families!

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