2010 Conference

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From Kant to Hegel: Rethinking Themes in German Idealism

Image by Lauren Guilmette
2010 Conference of the Graduate Philosophy Society at Emory
Emory University, March 26th – 27st, 2010
Conference Keynote: John McDowell, University of Pittsburgh

Philosophical themes in German Idealist thought from Kant to Hegel (including works by figures such as Jacobi, Reinhold, Fichte, Schelling, and Schopenhauer) have become a topic of renewed interest in contemporary philosophy, especially as a potentially fruitful ground for bringing together important issues in “continental” and “analytic” thought. This conference seeks to examine that trend, with a particular eye to situating the transitions within, into, and out of the German Idealist tradition in the larger context of the history of philosophy. What importance do the themes and issues that motivated thought in this period have for central topics of philosophical debate today? How has recent scholarship engaged with, reread, or even misread the central tenets of this important period? How can or should we rethink German Idealism in our contemporary philosophical climate?