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FOAM of the Week – Intubating the Acidotic, Electrical Storm

Some random stuff from recent shifts for class week. FOAM away. Can’t get your patient out of VTach/VFib? Consider the following blog posts on electrical storm: Thinking about intubating that severely acidotic DKA patient, or perhaps that salicylate overdose? First of all, don’t unless you absolutely have to. Second, listen to this EMRAP …

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FOAM of the Week – EtCO2 in Cardiac Arrest, PCP Pneumonia, Guillain Barre, Lactate Clearance

As always, some great FOAM topics from this week’s lectures. Expand your knowledge… Learn how to use End Tidal CO2 to improve your cardiopulmonary resuscitation: Summary and various radiographic findings of PCP pneumonia: A great summary of Guillain Barre from EMRAP: Thoughts from Weingart on lactate clearance:

FOAM of the Week – Bougie Cric, DSI, Hyponatremia, Hyperkalemia, Ketamine

Lots of good stuff from this week’s lectures. FOAM away… Bougie-guided cric: Management of acute hyponatremia from EMCrit: Kayexalate – it’s a bunch of crap (literally): Delayed Sequence Intubation: Ketamine, a great drug:

FOAM of the Week 10/13/15 – Angioedema, Vasculitis, Knee Dislocations

More great FOAM stuff on this week’s topics! Great summary of evidence for ACEI-induced angioedema therapy from PulmCrit: Kawasaki’s from Ped EM Morsels: EM approach to Vasculitides from emDocs: Short discussion from EMRAP on Knee dislocations in Obese patients:

FOAM of the Week 7/21/15 – Airway, Awake Intubation, Intubation Checklist

Welcome to FOAM of the Week – online resources related to this weeks lecture topics. Maximize your learning by reinforcing what you’ve heard. Plenty of great airway stuff from this week: The Five Canons of Levitan –  5 simple techniques to maximize your airway success: Awake Intubation – watch this video from EMCrit to see …

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