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FOAM of the Week – Shock and Fluid Responsiveness, Asthma

Got some great posts and podcasts on shock and asthma from lecture this week: A series of podcasts on assessing fluid responsiveness in patients with shock from EmCrit: Great overviews of asthma from REBEL EM, both mild/moderate exacerbation as well as the crashing patient:

FOAM of the Week – Intubating the Acidotic, Electrical Storm

Some random stuff from recent shifts for class week. FOAM away. Can’t get your patient out of VTach/VFib? Consider the following blog posts on electrical storm: Thinking about intubating that severely acidotic DKA patient, or perhaps that salicylate overdose? First of all, don’t unless you absolutely have to. Second, listen to this EMRAP …

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FOAM of the Week – Nephrolithiasis, Peri/Myocarditis, GU Trauma

Some great FOAM stuff related to this past week’s lectures – enjoy! Nephrolithiasis Good overview from emdocs: Need a CT for that diagnosis? 10 reasons not to from ALIEM: Author analysis from recent US vs CT trial: Does Flomax help? Just tell them to have sex instead!  Peri/myocarditis related topics: …

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FOAM of the Week – EtCO2 in Cardiac Arrest, PCP Pneumonia, Guillain Barre, Lactate Clearance

As always, some great FOAM topics from this week’s lectures. Expand your knowledge… Learn how to use End Tidal CO2 to improve your cardiopulmonary resuscitation: Summary and various radiographic findings of PCP pneumonia: A great summary of Guillain Barre from EMRAP: Thoughts from Weingart on lactate clearance:

FOAM of the Week 10/20/15 – Anaphylaxis, Pressors

Some stuff related to this past week’s lectures (Sorry for the delay!) Great overview of anaphylaxis management: Do steroids prevent biphasic reactions? Need to start that anaphylaxis (or otherwise hypotensive) patient on epi but can’t wait for the bag to make it up from pharmacy? Use push-dose pressors! Especially helpful if you go …

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FOAM of the Week 10/6/15 – Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac arrest patients are as sick as they come. ACLS is intended as protocolized medicine that any trained provider can administer. However, we are not just “any provider”. As EM physicians we should be master resuscitationists. Here are some ideas to take your care for cardiac arrest patients to the next level. Intra-arrest care from …

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FOAM of the Week 9/29/15 – Intimate Partner Violence, Human Trafficking, CHF

Thoughts on IPV and screening in the ED on EmDocs Blog: Great Podcast from EMRap on a related topic, Human Trafficking: ] Expert discussion in CHF management in ED from EMRap: Using nitropaste instead of a drip:

FOAM of the Week 9/22/15 – Acute Coronary Syndrome

Tons of ACS stuff out there, so I cut it down to some high-yield highlights. Enjoy! You know that obvious STEMI needs to go to the cath lab, but who else needs acute PCI? Find out in this podcast from EMCrit and Steve Smith from Dr Smith’s ECG Blog: Discussion of management of low risk …

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FOAM of the Week 9/15/15 – Aortic Dissection, Congenital Heart Disease

Some Foamy goodness for the week. Enjoy! Great podcast from EMCrit on nuances of Aortic Dissection management: Think you need a CTA or TEE to diagnose dissection?  Try your bedside ultrasound skills! Bonus: Suprasternal notch view to assess the aortic arch: Review of Congenital Heart Disease from Don’t Forget the Bubbles: EMRAP on …

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FOAM of the Week 9/8/15 – Tamponade, CHF

Some great cardiac stuff relating to the workshops today: Ultrasound – is that just an effusion or is it tamponade?  Watch to find out how to tell. Also, some stuff on US-guided pericardiocentesis at the end of the first videocast: Critically ill CHF patients come in two flavors – the extremely hypertensive flash …

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