Category: Environmental Medicine

FOAM of the Week 8/11/15 – Hypothermia, Heat Stroke, Snake Bites, Nec Fasc, Cardiac Arrest

EM:RAP on hypothermia: Summary of Heat Stroke from Life in the Fast Lane: ALiEM Patwari Videos on Snakebites: Great Review of Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections from EM:RAP: A more cognitive approach to PEA arrest:

FOAM of the Week 7/28/15 – Altitude Sickness, Dysbarism, Ophthalmology

Summary of Altitude Sickness from PulmCCM: Review of Dysbarism courtesy of LITFL: A trick of the trade to make your Fluorescein exam easier from ALiEM: Great general ophtho in the ED review from EMRAP: