Category: Infectious Disease

FOAM of the Week – Shock and Fluid Responsiveness, Asthma

Got some great posts and podcasts on shock and asthma from lecture this week: A series of podcasts on assessing fluid responsiveness in patients with shock from EmCrit: Great overviews of asthma from REBEL EM, both mild/moderate exacerbation as well as the crashing patient:

FOAM of the Week – Chemical Terrorism, NOAC Reversal, Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections

Continuing our tox topics this week, as well anticoagulation reversal and Nec Fasc: A timely overview on chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear threats from St Emlyns, including info on irritant gases, nerve agents, and vessicants: Learn about the literature behind Praxbind: Look out for Andexanet Alfa on the horizon: Overview of Nec Fasc including the …

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FOAM of the Week – EtCO2 in Cardiac Arrest, PCP Pneumonia, Guillain Barre, Lactate Clearance

As always, some great FOAM topics from this week’s lectures. Expand your knowledge… Learn how to use End Tidal CO2 to improve your cardiopulmonary resuscitation: Summary and various radiographic findings of PCP pneumonia: A great summary of Guillain Barre from EMRAP: Thoughts from Weingart on lactate clearance:

FOAM of the Week 8/11/15 – Hypothermia, Heat Stroke, Snake Bites, Nec Fasc, Cardiac Arrest

EM:RAP on hypothermia: Summary of Heat Stroke from Life in the Fast Lane: ALiEM Patwari Videos on Snakebites: Great Review of Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections from EM:RAP: A more cognitive approach to PEA arrest: