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FOAM of the Week – Shoulder Dislocation, Knee Dislocation, Genitourinary Trauma

Thought I would share some trauma stuff that came up on recent shifts since it was class day today. Enjoy! A newer technique for reduction of shoulder dislocations – haven’t tried it yet but looks super-easy: Knee dislocations – remember, >50% will spontaneously reduce upon presentation, so need to have a high index of …

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FOAM of the Week – Back Pain

This week’s FOAM of the Week is a pain in the back… *crickets chirp* We see tons of back pain, most of which are benign, but a few can have serious etiologies. Listen to this EMRAP review to know what red flags to look out for: High risk causes of back pain from ALIEM: …

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FOAM of the Week – Nerve Blocks, Hip Dislocation, General Orthopedics

Some good MSK stuff this week to supplement our skills day. Enjoy You learned the posterior tibial block to anesthetize the sole of the foot, now try some hand blocks: Don’t sweat your hip reductions, try the Captain Morgan Technique: Question about something ortho related?  A great comprehensive resource:

FOAM of the Week 10/13/15 – Angioedema, Vasculitis, Knee Dislocations

More great FOAM stuff on this week’s topics! Great summary of evidence for ACEI-induced angioedema therapy from PulmCrit: Kawasaki’s from Ped EM Morsels: EM approach to Vasculitides from emDocs: Short discussion from EMRAP on Knee dislocations in Obese patients: