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FOAM of the Week – Intracranial Hemorrhage, Benzo Equivalents, Calcium Channel and Beta Blocker Toxicity

Some great FOAM stuff related to this week’s topics: Evidence behind BP reduction after ICH: Benzo Equivalent dosing calculator: Calcium Channel and Beta Blocker Toxicity review podcast (peds focused, but generalizable):

FOAM of the Week – Chemical Terrorism, NOAC Reversal, Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections

Continuing our tox topics this week, as well anticoagulation reversal and Nec Fasc: A timely overview on chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear threats from St Emlyns, including info on irritant gases, nerve agents, and vessicants: Learn about the literature behind Praxbind: Look out for Andexanet Alfa on the horizon: Overview of Nec Fasc including the …

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FOAM of the Week – Bougie Cric, DSI, Hyponatremia, Hyperkalemia, Ketamine

Lots of good stuff from this week’s lectures. FOAM away… Bougie-guided cric: Management of acute hyponatremia from EMCrit: Kayexalate – it’s a bunch of crap (literally): Delayed Sequence Intubation: Ketamine, a great drug:

FOAM of the Week – TXA in Trauma, Submassive PE

Since there was no formal lecture today, I’ve included a couple pieces related to issues that have come up on recent shifts. Enjoy! TXA (tranexamic acid) in trauma – a nice review from emDocs. Of note, the reasons why you haven’t seen this given at Grady is because it’s stocked in the OR and the …

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FOAM of the Week 10/27/15 – Anticoagulation Reversal, Dental Trauma

Hey guys, I picked a few topics for this past week since we didn’t have conference. I think you’ll find them helpful – check it out. One of the pharmacists was asking that I send some stuff out about PCC and anticoagulation reversal. I found a nice summary by Rob Orman from ERCast – it’s …

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FOAM of the Week 10/20/15 – Anaphylaxis, Pressors

Some stuff related to this past week’s lectures (Sorry for the delay!) Great overview of anaphylaxis management: Do steroids prevent biphasic reactions? Need to start that anaphylaxis (or otherwise hypotensive) patient on epi but can’t wait for the bag to make it up from pharmacy? Use push-dose pressors! Especially helpful if you go …

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FOAM of the Week 9/29/15 – Intimate Partner Violence, Human Trafficking, CHF

Thoughts on IPV and screening in the ED on EmDocs Blog: Great Podcast from EMRap on a related topic, Human Trafficking: ] Expert discussion in CHF management in ED from EMRap: Using nitropaste instead of a drip: