Category: Urology

FOAM of the Week – Nephrolithiasis, Peri/Myocarditis, GU Trauma

Some great FOAM stuff related to this past week’s lectures – enjoy! Nephrolithiasis Good overview from emdocs: Need a CT for that diagnosis? 10 reasons not to from ALIEM: Author analysis from recent US vs CT trial: Does Flomax help? Just tell them to have sex instead!¬† ¬†Peri/myocarditis related topics: …

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FOAM of the Week – Shoulder Dislocation, Knee Dislocation, Genitourinary Trauma

Thought I would share some trauma stuff that came up on recent shifts since it was class day today. Enjoy! A newer technique for reduction of shoulder dislocations – haven’t tried it yet but looks super-easy: Knee dislocations – remember, >50% will spontaneously reduce upon presentation, so need to have a high index of …

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