I really enjoyed the Oakland Cemetery tour that we took today. I noticed that the Jewish sections of the cemetery had the graves placed very close together and they where able to fit more people into the grave plot.

This reminded me of my visits to Prague and the Old Jewish Cemetery there. The Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague was the only cemetery used for the Jewish population in the city from 1439 to 1787. The site consists of multiple layers of burials, the community actually brought in more earth from other locations to be able to have these multiple layers. I wanted to share some of my photos form my trip that shows just how many graves are in the two and a half acres of this cemetery.

Old Jewish Cemetery Prague, Czech Republic

If you want to know more about the Jewish Cemetery and the Jewish Quarter in Prague you can find more information at this website…


Here is another website that gives some information on the Old Jewish Cemetery as well as other Cemeteries around the world…


I hope that you find this place as interesting as I do.


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  1. I also remember visiting the Old Jewish Cemetery while I was in Prague this summer. Our tour guide told us that the reason the Cemetery was so cramped was because Prague city officials only allowed the Jewish residents to bury their dead within the Jewish Quarter of the city due to the widespread antisemitism during that time. To make the best of the small plot of land that they were given, they started to “stack” their dead until most of the headstones contained at least fifteen bodies underneath them. While the Cemetery was interesting, I felt very uneasy when viewing the headstones scattered throughout it. This was because there are hundreds of thousands of bodies that were buried during its 300 year history; standing on top of one of the largest mass graves in the world gives a certain eerie quality to a remarkable historical site.

  2. I know! Really cool stuff.

  3. Liv G. Nilsson Stutz

    Beautiful photographs, Andrea! Thank you for sharing!

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