A Faithful Necrophile

Have you ever heard about Carl Tanzler?
If not, you may want to check this out.
Long story short, he fell in love with a woman who never loved him back. After that poor woman died, he got the body and preserved it (in crude ways), made it a wax face with glass eyeballs and slept with it (sexually active too) for more than 7 years until the woman’s sister discovered. Carl was not charged with any crimes because of the statute of limitation. The body was reburied in a secret place and Carl went on making an life-size effigy of the woman which he lived with till his death.
The story was romanticized by the mass media and he actually gain a lot sympathy. Then the shocking part comes: the government decided to publicly display the reconstructed body. This has deeply troubled me (think about how much we talked about protecting bodies and the problems came with exhumed bodies–they easily crossed the line here). Because the case is very old, I couldn’t find out more about why the government made this decision, but on the web page below, you can read the recount of this public display from a kid who went (now in his sixties). Apparently a traumatized childhood experience.
A Demented Love

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