Podcast Styles

My podcast could be approached the from the perspective of a breaking news story report or a documentary style broadcast explaining the true details behind Emory’s rhinoceros appearance. From a news story standpoint, I would utilize interviews with witnesses such as students and professors because they will give convincing and credible accounts of the incident. In these interviews, I would also have the witnesses speak with a panicked tone to make their statements more realistic. Specifically, bringing in an African studies professor to verify that the tracks were from a real rhinoceros would boost the credibility of the evidence. Furthermore, adding sound effects in the background such as police sirens, false campus alarms, and screaming people would add to the feelings of distress already growing in the audience. This style of podcast would most likely target Emory students and staff in an attempt to fool them. However, a documentary style podcast would probably target a specific group of students who want to study hoaxes or the history of Emory. A documentary style broadcast would require different techniques in order to be most effective. It must include a narrator who would go through the facts of the story and explain how the evidence was falsified. It would also need to include witnesses, but most importantly, they must include people who didn’t believe in the whole fiasco. Additionally, recruiting a professor to discuss how the tracks were falsified since rhinoceroses only live in Africa and South East Asia would be helpful. Although utilizing the same story, this podcast could be effectively executed through two very different styles.

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  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    I think these could both work really well, Kristi! You’ve done really well outlining the specifics of how both of these would work, so it sounds like whichever you choose you’re ready to start drafting.

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