Podcasting Brands

For my extraterrestrial podcast regarding aliens in Area 51, I can approach the situation in one of two ways. I can do a newscast, and use a spooky and realistic form of broadcasting to make the audience feel anxious and on edge. I will take an approach to make the audience believe that that aliens really do exist in area 51 and they just are not telling us. I will use an anonymous insider from area 51, a UFO sighting near the plant and audio evidence. The other  way I could go about this is a satirical form that makes fun the information regarding area 51 and extraterrestrial life. This way will (hopefully) get a laugh out of the audience who have relative knowledge about the speculation regarding what actually goes on inside the classified area. For this platform I can use less serious sound effects, a more open tone, and for audio I plan on using witnesses that have seen UFOs, a worker inside of the area under scrutiny. Another idea is to do a sort of mix of the two, such as the way we discussed in class. This may be the most useful way of getting in relevant information, but also putting my own twist in it with my own tone.

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  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    I think mixing these two sounds like a great idea, Kyra–maybe dropping in snippets of the realistic broadcast into the analytical one to keep things dynamic!

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