Podcast Styles

For my podcast about Taco Bell’s hoax of purchasing the Liberty Bell I think I could go in one of two directions:

1. The first, going in a much more relaxed style podcast, such as sawbones, I would try and make it funny and entertaining. This brand would allow me to explore what had happened in the hoax and how and why society reacted. I could incorporate historical evidence, to make it connect with people, but I would mainly focus on analyzing and commentating using different mediums. This brand of broadcasting would be more for hoax or historically interested individuals who want to hear an compelling story in history.

2. My second route could be similar to that of War of the Worlds, start by reading the add Taco Bell put out as though it’s the truth and then talking about the ramifications of having Taco Bell buy the Liberty Bell. I would have “call-in listeners”, who could express there outrage. The whole podcast would be presented as though it were live. This style would allow me to recreate the hoax and would be targeting those who haven’t yet heard of the hoax therefore allowing me to trick the public once again.

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  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    These both sounds great, Maya! Sounds like whichever one you choose, you’re ready to start drafting a script.

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