Podcast Styles

One brand that initially came to mind was presenting this hoax drug as an infomercial type style. Meaning, It would be catchy and slightly informal but also be credible. So I would want to interview scientists and such in the podcast so it seems like a legitimate drug. This route would be more conversational and less overtly satirical, more of a “haha” kind of funny. Another idea I have for a style was presenting my hoax as the inventing scientist as the main narrator on a popular radio show like NPR’s morning edition. For this style, it would be interesting to have the narrator be an NPR news reporter who drives the questions. Having a two way exchange opens the doors for more creativity for what tone I want to establish. Either route I think will work, I just have to decide which fits the nature of the hoax better.

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  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    Both of these sound good, Emma! I’m wondering if you could even fuse them somehow–sometimes on shows like Morning Edition they play clips, so maybe you could do something like have the host of your show introduce an advertisement for the drug. That would help you mix it up a bit from the talk show format, but wouldn’t leave you needing to come up with a 3 minute ad, which could be tough.

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