Podcast Rough Draft

Here is a copy of my Hoax Podcast rough draft. The paragraph about the audience is at the bottom.

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  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    Love the detailed audience, A.J.–and this is an absolutely perfect idea for October. I think it works really well, too, to have three characters: the skeptic, the scared believer, and the expert. I’m wondering if you could play up interactions between these people more–for example, if your character talked more against Jeff–like, after he lays out his super scientific approach, you could explain why you think that’s all nonsense. You could also use this to build suspense. What if early in the exploration, Jeff’s motion detector picks something up that you have a perfectly rational explanation for, while Reilly is totally freaked out? And then the evidence can start to pile up a bit so that the listener is more and more convinced over time.

    You could also appeal to the specific Emory audience more by making the plot somehow more tied into Dobbs hall, or laying out the myth that spurred the investigation. Maybe you could fake-interview Emory students about what they’ve heard about the Dobbs ghost or something?

    Just a few ideas! I think you could take this in a lot of different directions. Looking forward to hearing it.

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