Hoax Reviews

I really enjoyed listening to everyone’s podcast and how they utilized the podcast format. Although many of us were not used to using this type of media, I think everyone successfully created an engaging podcast with some very interesting and creative topics. One of the features that stood out to me was the use of background noise and interruptions, which made the podcasts seem very realistic. Both Kristi and Enzo’s use of realistic background noise stood out to me. Interruptions contributes to the overall tone of the podcast, creating both suspense and sometimes fear. Kristin’s podcast also stood out to me; it was very conversational and did not sound scripted. Also, the creative integration of sound effects made some of the podcasts more interesting and engaging.  Maya’s Taco bell sound effects were very entertaining and kept me interested. Some of the podcasts even included music from a “band,” much like War of the Worlds did. I also really liked how some of the podcasts ended with thought provoking questions and left the listener wanting more. If I could steal some ideas, I would make my podcast a live radio show; I would interview spectators and create interruptions whenever Kimo was spotted running. My podcast, rather than a sports radio show, would be a general radio show where I could reach a larger audience. I might also include more sound effects to make my podcast more engaging. Instead of editing my voice to sound like someone else, I would try to recruit real people who would create their own character.

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