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What I enjoyed the most would have to be the moments of comic relief. I’m not sure if some or any, were intentional, but it really made the podcasts enjoyable. Just the fact that this was such a fun project, it was funny to listen to most of them in class and then chuckling with everyone or give nods of admiration at the moments of pure quality and moments of hysteria.

I was thrilled by the level of ingenuity and creativity of other people’s podcasts! Everyone did  a fantastic job. While the scripts, accents,  and ideas were great, what really set these podcasts apart, were the sound effects and music that were incorporated. Those two factors were definitely what Made the podcasts. Without them, there would be no credentials. Everyone was spot on and produced spectacular podcasts.

I particularly loved the ghost and haunting ideas. There two or three of those that had a creepy documentary style podcast that was then interrupted and just overall eerie. To improve mine, I would have used the high level of diction and jargon that others implemented in their podcasts that really made it sound so sophisticated during those moments.

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