Research Questions for the Wizard of Oz

What tactics does the screenwriter use to fool the audience into thinking the wizard of oz is real?

What effect is the director achieving by starting the film in black and white, but ending with color?

How does the battle of good vs evil add to the effectiveness of the hoax?


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  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    Hey A.J., these are all good questions that I think you should answer in your paper–and I think you can do some good close readings to answer them. Take a look at the email I just sent everyone, though, and see if it gives you any ideas about questions you could ask that might give you more specific research directions–maybe you could research the production of the film, or critical responses to it. Because it was originally a children’s book, you could try to find sources that talk about that genre more broadly. Just some preliminary thoughts!

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