The Purple Wizard

Memes are a relatively recent phenomenon that have stemmed from the ever-increasing popularity of social media. Some memes compare celebrities to objects or characters and thus make fun of celebrities to show that they’re not any better than the average person and that they’re not as perfect as society makes them out to be. This past week, I stumbled across this meme on twitter of Wiz Khalifa, who recently dyed his hair neon purple (probably his way of acting out over his recent divorce to Amber Rose *sheds tear*) being compared to Weezy from an old PBS kids show, Dragon Tales. This meme is a perfect example of the creation of a third meaning being produced from two images that would have different meanings if they stood alone. I busted out laughing and I hope it brings a smile to your faces as well.

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 11.35.04 PM


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