Mummy in the Museum

Below is the image of a mummy within the Carlos Museum. The mummy is from the Old Kingdom, Dynasty 6, 2345-2181 BC of the Egyptian empire. When I first saw the mummy, I found myself staring at it for quite a long period, and my mind  began to play tricks on me because it seemed as though the mummy was breathing. Not only was I creeped out to be staring at a body, but it was even creepier to be staring at a 4000 year old body. I noticed that the lighting in the Ancient Egypt section of Carlos was slightly dimmer than the Ancient Rome section that had preceded it. The ambient and orange glow from the lights in the Ancient Egypt section enhanced the antiquity of the objects on display. Because of the darker lights, the wood seemed darker, the paint appeared to be more worn, and the objects just looked even more ancient overall than if the light was as bright as in the Roman section.The dimming of the lights also added to the haunting effect of the mummy.


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