Grey’s Anatomy

I LOOOOOOOOOVE Grey’s Anatomy! I didn’t start watching it until last year I think, but I am definitely addicted. I do not mind procrastinating if it means I get to watch Grey’s Anatomy, and sometimes me and my friends joke that it’s a way of studying for the MCATs, so we’re not really procrastinating. The main appeal from the show stems from the fact that I desire to pursue a career in medicine one day, possibly emergency medicine, trauma, or some type of surgery. So seeing all the different cases on the show (the gory ones are my favorite..basically every episode) definitely requires some self-reflection every time I watch. I often ask myself, “Could I handle doing that? Would I do what so-and-so just did?” I especially love the bioethics sometimes thrown into a few episodes here and there.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 1.59.45 AM

That being said, I think regardless of whether you want to be a doctor or not, the story line is also interesting. Following the characters and their love lives and the drama that goes down in the Seattle West…or Mercy West…whatever the hospital’s name is now (changes so many times) always keeps me thirsting for more. (I just finished watching 3 episodes).┬áSadly, I know that Grey’s Anatomy is not at all an accurate depiction of what a hospital is really like, but that will never keep me from watching.

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