Loathe and Hip Hop


Last week we were asked to talk about a TV series that we love and what it is about that TV show that keeps us watching. But one TV show that I don’t find entertaining at all (I don’t know why it’s still being aired) is Love and Hip Hop. I detest the way black people are portrayed on the show. If you go on Youtube and type in “Love and Hip Hop”, and click on any episode, you will see violence, anger and loudness, which are all negative stereotypes of the black community. I think I just detest bad reality television in general. Other shows like Bad Girls Club and Real Housewives put the same bad taste in my mouth. “Reality” television still doesn’t even live up to its name because people rarely act like this in the real world. Or at least in the real world, the kind of behavior portrayed on these shows would be seen as ill-mannered or uncouth. While I strongly detest this show, I think it’s so popular because the behavior depicted is so taboo.

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood

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