Waiting to be Heard

amanda-knox-300I had heard about Amanda’s story prior to the lecture by Dr. Duncan, but I never knew it was this ridiculous. Amanda’s cell being raided by the Italian police and having her sexual history and health information released to the public seemed like it should be illegal. Whether she’s guilty or not, such information should have never been released without her consent. I think it has to be even more difficult being featured in the news of three different countries, probably even more. Since there was no DNA evidence linking Amanda to her roommate’s murder, I think that Amanda being in jail for four years was probably the most ridiculous part of all. I can’t remember who, but I recall someone saying in class that Amanda would’ve been much better off if she was ugly. Yes Amanda could have looked more presentable in court, but how someone looks should never be used as a basis for his or her character. Amanda’s story is a very good example of connotation and how meanings and symbols can be misconstrued in one country and deemed acceptable somewhere else simply because of historical and social context.


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