Authenticity in Exit Through the Gift Shop

The authenticity of Exit Through the Gift Shop comes from Thierry Guetta’s enthusiasm to film everything he does developing into a passion project about street art as well as Banksy’s sudden urge to make a film about the man who had been making a film about him. The doubt for the film’s authenticity arises when looking at Thierry’s sudden shift in the focus of his obsession from filming everything to making a movie about street art. Thierry’s willingness to uproot his life and even neglect his family in order continue his work in the street art world comes across as odd considering how little time he had invested in street art prior to the film.

More doubt comes from Thierry’s metamorphosis from a filmmaker to a street artist. The film shows his first attempt at street art, initiating himself into the community he is documenting. However, it does not reveal much about the rising action between then and the art show at the end. The story has plenty of holes that could point to its actual falsehood, but it might be completely true and just coincidental that the subject has an obsession with filming everything at the time he makes this radical life change.


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