In this picture, the Buddha, a traditional symbol of peace, mindfulness, and meditation, is shown in a very serene setting. The lighting is subtle and mellow, the background is uncluttered, and the pedestal serves to provide a sort of grand, noble seat for the Buddha. The combination of these arrangements parallels the idea of meditation and having an uncluttered mind. Although this picture focuses on a singular example, the whole “Asian” room, featuring symbols of Hinduism and Buddhism, possesses this same minimalist, peaceful aura, and I found it to be generally less inhabited than the other, larger rooms.

In regards to the role of social media in the museum, I would like to draw attention to the Snapchat geotag I added to the picture. Geotags are location-specific graphics that you can choose to add to your pictures on Snapchat, and I think they reflect a society that is obsessed with┬ánot just doing cool things, but making sure the world knows you’re doing cool things. Even a supposedly modest, academic place like the Carlos Museum has a geotag, demonstrating┬áthe widespread relevancy of social media.

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