Dice and Woman Playing Dice or Knucklebones

When examining these two pieces of art in the Michael C. Carlos museum, one might think they were meant to be together on display because the woman looks as if she is reaching down to pick up the dice. Dice, in particular, remain the same today as they did thousands of years ago and are still used for recreational games involving probability.Without any description, they could come from the same time period as well as the same place. However, when looking at the text below them, we learn that one comes from up to 400 years after the other as well as a different country. The ceramic woman looks like she is about to grab the dice because the statue depicts, as the description states, an ancient Greek woman playing dice or knucklebones. The ivory dice come from Rome centuries later. The pair signifies that certain aspects of life did not change between the 4th century BCE and the 1st century CE despite some of the significant events that happened during that timeā€”the rise and fall of the Roman and Greek empires, Christ etc.


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