My understanding of the term “psychopath” stems mostly from what I’ve seen in media; a psychopath is one who cannot understand others, cannot understand or feel empathy towards others, or feel remorse for his or her actions. This trait┬ácan occasionally result in horrible, violent crimes for which the psychopaths feel little or no remorse, as they are unable to empathize with their victims or to comprehend the morality or consequences of their actions.┬áThe characters who come to mind when I hear “psychopath” are those from shows like “Criminal Minds.” Most recently, I recall watching an episode where the “unsub” was a female psychopath and murderer. As she engaged with the members of the BAU, she seemed like she was playing a game more than attempting to trap them, holding no remorse whatsoever. At one point, she even threatened to blow up the entire restaurant and surrounding block, something that she mentioned casually, without any signs of emotional distress.

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