My understanding of the term “psychopath” comes mostly from the television show Dexter. The show defines a psychopath as someone who lacks empathy. Dexter’s foster father, in order to fulfill his parental duties, instills in him a moral code backed by the primal survival instinct so that he can teach him how to survive. Dexter thinks out loud in order to share his comedic thoughts about the social interactions he has to make each day while grasping with the constant urge to murder active serial killers. Though he can excel as a forensic analyst for the Miami Metro Police Dept. and appear normal to everyone around him, he can dump his victims into the ocean and feel just as levelheaded. To me, lacking empathy results mostly in an inability to react to emotional moments in a way that most people would characterize as “normal”. In this way, psychopaths might also be unable to understand how to interact with emotional people because they cannot themselves experience anything similar in their own mind.27-dexter-greenshirt-2.w750.h560.2x

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