Psychopathy to me

Psychopathy to me, as a product of what I was taught in high school, results from a lack of empathy. From this trait much of the other characteristics I generally associate with psychopathy seem to emerge, though they could be off base. It is not so much that they are antisocial, but rather they can’t form genuine relationships and use a sort of craftiness and charm to create this illusion. In this regard their intellect is severed from their ability to share in the feelings of another. I think psychopaths can often be educated, sophisticated, and ostensibly agreeable, yet this occurs because they understand how to copy behavior. Again, they are smart enough to mimic these actions, enough so that they often go unnoticed in society, but don’t believe what they are saying and doing and don’t feel the repercussions emotionally. Just breaking the word down, as it relates to sociopathy for example, it would seem that psychopathy has to with your actual neural composition as opposed to your upbringing or environmental factors.


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