The curation of “Akroterion with Winged Female Deity” is subtle; a visitor will likely only notice this piece after walking┬áinto the first room of the museum and turning around. Placing it high above the doorway gives this object height, symbolizing flight and wings. As this piece may represent Victory, according to its panel, it only seems natural for it to be high above the majority of the other pieces in the room. By placing above the entryway of the doorway, the curator also suggests a hope for all those who walk through the door – victory. With regard to social media in the museum, I propose that it would only help this object, in particular, be more noticed and appreciated – some might skim over this object, or miss it entirely. Because it’s so hidden upon first walking into the room, and the panel with┬áits description is difficult to locate, social media could help to provide this object with an identity and a story that might otherwise remain untold.

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