The biopsychosocial framework that we discussed in class can inform predictions of future aggression when the effects of each field on one another are easy enough to understand. For example, genetics can result in a predisposition to some disease, which can affect behavior. Without this information in its entirety, the data gathered by the analyses the respective categories may not be accurate because each is modified by the other categories. Of course, this is probably the most difficult part of the Venn diagram to discuss because it relies on complicated and conflicted relationships, many of which require complex analyses in order to be quantified. In comparing three sets A, B and C, the intersection of any two sets is the set of elements that the two sets share. In order to obtain the intersection, one must know all the elements in both sets. Similarly, in order to obtain the intersection of the three sets, one must know all the elements of all three sets. Therefore, extensive knowledge on any two of these areas (biology, psychology, or sociology) is necessary to conduct a comparative analysis between those respective areas, and all three is necessary to understand the intersection of the three.Intersection

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