The BPS Model

Many different things can affect predictions of future aggression, and to ignore one or two in favor of others might mean a less informed conclusion.

The biopsychsocial model that we discussed in class can inform the¬†predictions that we make of future aggression in children via allowing for those who diagnose patients to take into account three different factors. With predictions of future agression among children, it is essential that we use this model as to not miss out on any potential contributing factor to a child’s future aggression. Tremblay et al. states that factors for children in terms of predicting future agression include: “hav[ing] mothers who have a history of antisocial behavior during their school years, who start childbearing early, and who smoke during pregnancy and have parents who have low income and serious problems living together.” While having parents who have low income and serious problems living together is a social factor, having mothers who smoke early is a psychological factor. If we ignored either factor in favor of the other, we would potentially miss out on a more specific, concrete diagnosis in terms of predictions of future aggression among children.

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