Case Study: Jack

To analyze this case, we must look at Jack’s risk factors and his protective factors. His socioeconomic status imposes a stressful home environment for a single mother with five children. Jack’s mother’s substance abuse problem must exacerbate this stress because it may leave his grandmother responsible for all five children at one time. Since his father is unknown, he may be genetically predisposed to some factors that may cause his impulsive behavior. His clean toxicology screen at birth reduces his risk of factors stemming from prenatal exposure. Jack maintains an adequate academic transcript for a nine year old and passes the tests he is required to pass, showing his ability to listen and learn from an adult as well as some level of discipline. From these factors, I think Jack’s crave for attention displays itself through his impulsive behavior. With only one or two adults around at home and five kids, he probably gets almost as much, if not more, attention from his teachers at school. For the short-term, Jack’s mother, his grandmother, and his teacher need to be more attentive of the situation so that he will not feel like he is competing with his siblings and classmates for their focus, causing his behavioral concerns diminish and allowing him to make friends at school. Hopefully, Jack uses his strong academics and improving social status to excel at school.Jack

R.I.P. Robin Williams

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